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Welcome to my booking page! Here is where you can easily set aside time to meet me to chat, review material, ask questions, answer pop-questions, etc.

Meetings can be in Zoom or in person in my 235A Cartwright. Please specify.

Click on any available time block below to schedule a booking. Default bookings are 30 minutes. I also have a rule that I can’t get booked less than 60 minutes before a time–if you need me ASAP, email or call my office (608-785-6968) and I will respond if I am at my computer/phone.

If your schedule doesn’t match my booking times, email me at least two time blocks colored light gray on my teaching schedule that work for you.

You can book an individual visit OR let me know to expect a small group. Complete the form to add notes about why you want to meet AND if we’re meeting in my office or on Zoom (Thursdays are Zoom-only)

After a successful booking, you will receive a confirmation email sent to the email address you provide. The meeting confirmation email includes the address to my personal Zoom room for all virtual meetings. If you cannot use this link successfully, access the link through Meetings with Marisa in the Nuts and Bolts Module on the lecture Canvas site.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

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