Marisa Barbknecht


Click on any available time block below to schedule a booking. Default bookings are 30 minutes. I also have a rule that I can’t get booked less than 60 minutes before a time–if you need me ASAP, email and I will respond if I am at my computer/phone.

If your schedule doesn’t match my openings, email me at least two times that work for you AND aren’t times I teach. I am in class: MWF 9:55-noon, Tue 9:55-noon/2:15-4:15 pm, Thu 4:25-6:25 pm

Bookings will be over video chat in Collaborate Ultra (MIC 100 Lecture**-**Course Room, even for lab questions).

You can book an individual visit or let me know to expect a small group. Use the little place at the bottom of your form to add notes about why you want to meet and with how many other students.

After a successful booking, you will receive a confirmation email sent to the email address you provide. I will follow up, if necessary.


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